Staff Training and Workshops:

In-Service Training Sessions – May 2024

This May, Whitney Academy is excited to host our in-service training sessions, an essential part of our ongoing commitment to professional development and excellence in education. These training sessions are designed to equip our staff with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in various critical areas. Here’s what we’re focusing on this series:

Upcoming Events:

Student Track Meet and Qualifiers: Scheduled for May 19, 2024. Participants and spectators can look forward to an exciting day of competition and achievement. For more details, please see Coach.

Staff Appreciation Day: Join us on July 19, 2024, as we celebrate our dedicated team at Whitney Academy. A formal memo will follow in June, but please feel free to reach out to HR if you require information sooner.

Student Appreciation Day: Set for September 7, 2024, this day is dedicated to celebrating our students, who are truly at the center of everything we do. Details will follow in July, but we plan to host the event at the same location as last year. Stay tuned for more information.

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