Health and Medical Service

Psychiatry services :

Whitney’s MD is board certified in child, adult and forensic psychiatry.  Whitney Medical Doctor serves as the Medical Director for the agency and is on-call twenty-four hours a day.  The Doctor meets weekly with nursing, residential, educational and clinical staff, as well as with students to evaluate treatment plans and address ongoing psychiatric concerns and psychopharmacological needs.

Nursing services :

Health and medical services are coordinated by the Academy s Nursing Department.  Services include routine physical check-ups, neurology, dental/vision/hearing screenings and follow-ups, recommended lab testing and other physician-prescribed evaluations.  These services are provided directly through physicians  office visits.  The Director of Nursing oversees routine medical care for rashes, minor injuries and health complaints.  Emergency medical services are accessed through local hospitals/E.M.T. services.

The Academy does not offer 24-hour nursing/medical services and is not able to meet the needs of students with uncontrolled medical conditions or intensive medical monitoring requirements.  The Academy s nurses also work closely with the Psychiatrist in monitoring the administration and efficacy of prescribed medications and in communicating treatment changes to staff, families and involved agencies.  Issues of personal hygiene, weight gain/loss, nutrition and healthy living are addressed by both Medical and Residential staff.